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Texas License To Carry Handgun Instruction - Customized For YOU!

Jandal Precision offers professional training for your Texas License To Carry Handgun. We provide you with an entertaining and engaging presentation of the classroom portion of LTC, LTC Range Qualification, and passport photo (if needed). The State of Texas now requires Fingerprinting to be done electronically by ONE company ONLY.). We are able to accomplish this all in a single day course. We also provide lunch; our World Famous Certified Criollo Grass Fed Beef Criollo Burgers. Call with your needs for LTC training.

Our next available class is on Saturday, April 30! Reserve your spot today!

Click here to purchase a Texas LTC course today!

Now, a little more about our LTC classes:

Texas Law mandates that the LTC classroom course be a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 6 hours, plus the time spent on LTC range qualification. We will start the class at 10:00 AM sharp and plan on finishing between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM. The price of the class is $75 per person, inclusive of Passport Photo (if needed), and grilled Criollo Burgers for lunch, made from our famous Certified Criollo Grass Fed Beef, raised right here on the Jandal Ranch www.LeanAndTenderBeef.com

Here is a link with directions to the Jandal Ranch. Just click on the map, then click on directions.

The best way to prepare for your LTC class is to apply for your Texas LTC online, BEFORE your LTC class. You can apply online, pay for your license, and the website will let you print a checklist of the reuired items to be sent in to complete your application. The link for this is https://txapps.texas.gov/txapp/txdps/chl/

If you don't apply for your Texas LTC before the class, not to worry, you can turn in your application anytime within 2 years of taking the class....but the passport photo needs to have been taken within 6 months of sending in your application.

Please bring Ear & Eye Protection for the pistol range, and don’t forget your handgun (.32 Cal Minimum, No Maximum). You will need 100 rounds of ammunition, 50 are required for qualification the extra 50 are for if you fail to qualify the first time. Please be familiar with your firearm. If handguns are brand new to you, please contact me and we can arrange for a little range coaching ahead of time…or if you plan on purchasing a handgun here, we are a licensed Federal Firearms Dealer, have examples of most popular handguns used for concealed carry, and the best prices around! You can qualify with either a semi-automatic pistol, or a revolver.

Be prepared to have a little fun and meet some pretty neat people, while we learn about Texas' LTC laws, and qualify for your license.


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My husband and I took Dale Price's Jandal CHL/CCW class and while being extremely informative, we also had such a enjoyable time . I had never shot a pistol in my life before we went to see Dale. I have to say as nervous as I was, when I got there in no time I was ready and willing to hit the range. Dale took the extra time to give me individual training and actual experience with the handling of handguns. Dale showed me the proper steps of holding and controlling my handgun, as well as the proper method of aiming, shooting and most important, safety. We spent the day with Dale laughing and learning, which really made the 10-hour class past quickly . Oh, I have got to tell you that we did stop for lunch and they served the best (Criollo -grass fed beef) burgers I had ever tasted. These were raised on their ranch. I am sure that this class would benefit anyone needing a concealed handgun permit, but especially for you ladies out there who aren’t the pros that these men are; this is the place to go for your classes. You will have the best time and be so proud of the results.

Gale W.
Nacogdoches, TX

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Dale Price's Jandal CHL/CCW class is enjoyable, while being informative. For those who have little practical experience with handling handguns, Dale will show you the proper methods of holding and controlling your handguns, as well as the proper method of aiming so that you can hit your target where you want. In addition, you'll also learn about the various methods of safely handling handguns. Dale mixes humor with the state required training, which makes the 10-hour class seem like a lot less. While you may not know how you would react in situations that may require the use of deadly force, Dale's teaching also forces you to think about how and when deadly force should be used, which is the first step in preparing for those situations when deadly force may be necessary. In addition, you get some of the best hamburgers that I've ever had using his homegrown Criollo grass-fed beef.

The highest review I can give Dale is to send my wife and mother to Dale for their required CHL class.

Frank R.
San Angelo, TX

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