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Long Distance Markmanship
We Are NOT Offering Taining At This Time


How much would your hunting success percentage increase if you were able to accurately and confidently place kill shots on game animals within a 600 yard radius? How about 800 yards? Ever think about 1000 yards? Food for thought!

Jandal Precision instructs Long Distance Marksmanship in two courses.

Level I Long Distance Rifle will take you our to 550 yards.

Level II Long Distance Rifle will take you ot to 1000 yards and beyond.

Each course will teach you about external ballistics, estimating the wind field, adjusting elevation for wind and angle. We will also go into great detail about loading for ultimate precision, and the maintenance of the accurate firearm.

Taught right here at the Jandal Ranch, on our own 1000 yard range, we can extend your marksmanship skills past what you ever believed was possible!

Call or email today for more information.

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