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Custom Remington 700 Type Rifles
We Are NOT Accepting Orders At This Time

We specialize in building custom, nail-driving accurate, Remington 700-type rifles.

We build these rifles on either a blue-printed (accurized) Remington 700 action, or a custom action of Remington 700 type (Viper, Stolle etc.).

We can rework the standard Remington synthetic stock, or pillar-bed the action to a custom stock such as the McMillan.

Jewell Triggers are standard, along with Bartlein Match Grade Barrels,

With our 1000 yard range right off the back porch, we even tune a load to your particular rifle for unbelievable accuracy! Owning a Jandal Precision Custom Rifle is one of the finer things in life! Call today and lets discuss your dream rifle!


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