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Custom Remington 700 Type Rifles

We specialize in building custom, nail-driving accurate, Remington 700-type rifles.

We build these rifles on either a blue-printed (accurized) Remington 700 action, or a custom action of Remington 700 type (Viper, Stolle etc.).

We can rework the standard Remington synthetic stock, or pillar-bed the action to a custom stock such as the McMillan.

Jewell Triggers are standard, along with Bartlein Match Grade Barrels,

With our 1000 yard range right off the back porch, we even tune a load to your particular rifle for unbelievable accuracy! Owning a Jandal Precision Custom Rifle is one of the finer things in life! Call today and lets discuss your dream rifle!


If you can't find what you are looking for, our secondary supplier and website will have items available you can't find here.

Visit our secondary site

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